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Nancy Beagley Certification Photo“Heather is great! I was referred to her by my good friend, Tonja, who happens to be Heather’s aunt. I’m so glad I listened to Tonja. After a few phone calls, we picked a training day. She was very warm and welcoming, and made me feel totally comfortable. She’s got it together… The training was very organized, hour by hour. She covers all aspects of the tanning business. The models were awesome… bless their hearts. Such good sports to disrobe for a total stranger! They came in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. That was very helpful. I have to admit I was a little timid to spray the models at first… (not intimidated…just soaking up all the information and trying to remember it all) But once I got home in the comfort of my surroundings, with a few friends and family members as my guinea pigs, I was able to relax a little and get to spraying. I retrieved all that information Heather gave me and put it to good use. After a few weeks of spraying at home, I finally moved it all to my salon where I am an Esthetician. I have a decent size room, so I just move my facial bed to one side of the room and pop up my tent and get to bronzing bodies! I would completely recommend Heather to anyone considering training. Happy tanning, folks!”

~Nancy Beagley, n’Style Salon & Day Spa Certified Technician 2014


Angela Workman“I feel as if Heather went above and beyond in my certification class! She taught me everything I needed to know plus some! I have to admit I was very nervous going into this knowing nothing about it, but Heather made me feel very comfortable from the moment I walked in!

I felt pretty confident to do tanning on my own when I got back home, but I definitely missed Heather being over my shoulder to assure me I was tanning my client correctly. I have been back from California since May 3rd and I’ve made a little over half of my investment back.

I would not have thought I could have learned so much in one day. Heather took it step by step and buy the end of the day I was tanning clients on my own. The solution is wonderful! It has a great smell, very little tackiness, and applies to the client’s skin very easily.

Heather made me feel like I could openly ask any questions I had. She also answers any questions I now have while at home as soon as they pop up. I would recommend Heather and Tan-Talizing to anyone who is wanting to get certified in airbrush tanning!”

~Angela Workman Owner “Tantastic” Tennessee Certified Technician 2014


Emily Vance Bronzed Carlsbad

“Heather’s day of instruction was a great investment. The time spent learning technique was invaluable. I gained information and hand’s on application allowing me to start my business with confidence. She catered to the areas I had the most questions about while making sure I learned all that I needed to for success. She continues to support me with business questions and great products my clients rave about! I would not recommend for anyone to start this type of business without learning Heather’s time tested methods, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to get an airbrush tan without her light scented, natural looking, beautifully colored products! Thanks Heather for your continued support and impeccable professionalism.”

~EMILY VANCE, Owner “Bronzed” Carlsbad, CA.  Certified Technician 2013


Erin Driggers Georgia Tan Talizi“I am so glad that I chose to go to California to train with Tan-talizing! I went out from Georgia last February and made a weekend trip out of with my sister! What a great choice I made!!!!  When I returned home within 3 days everything that I needed to be up and running was at my front door! I started offering free tans for the first two weeks (for the practice and marketing). I made my money back immediately and I grew my mobile business so quickly I was able to open my own salon “Natural Tan” and I am exploding! I am continuing to grow and love what I do! I am so thankful for Heather and the opportunity that she gave me!

I highly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to either have a small side business or make this their full time job. I cannot imagine not having this business. I have fun, flexibility, and am making a great profit!

~ERIN DRIGGERS, Georgia. Certified Technician 2013


Sarah Krause Testimonial Tan Talizing“I have been with Tan-talizing for almost 6 years now and recently became a licensee. When I moved from Orange County to San Diego, I was able to bring the business with me with little hassle. Being a licensee has allowed me to have a flexible schedule giving me plenty of time for school while still providing me with enough income to live. Tan-talizing has made the whole process totally painless and the owner has been more than helpful every step of the way. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with!”

~SARAH KRAUSE, Certified Technician 2013






Tantalizing Vanessa Walsh“I took my training course during the end of May and made my money back the beginning of August. After the class I felt 100 % confident I could tan people on my own. I did not think that I would have learned so much so fast, but the hands on training with Heather gave me the ability to start spraying models during the class and once I got the technique down I was really excited.

The class was very well thought out, organized, and extremely detailed. You can tell Heather is a perfectionist with the way she has designed her class because it was above and beyond what I expected!  I felt very comfortable during the class. Heather is so sweet and excited to teach and share all she knows about this business. It makes it that much better learning from someone who invests so much into her class. The models were very patient allowing me to take my time spraying them while Heather guided me through the step by step technique and tips.

I though the product on people’s skin gave it a beautiful and radiant look. It is the most natural looking color I have ever seen. I have been to numerous places to get airbrushed in CA and in other states and no other place I have been to offers 8 different shades of solution like Tan-Talizing.

I have recommended Tan-talizing’s training course and products to numerous friends and one of them actually did fly out to take the class and start their own business back east. I felt that all my questions about learning to airbrush tan were answered and that Heather gave me a lot of knowledge about airbrush tanning as the day went on.”

~VANESSA WALSH, Certified Technician 2013


“After the class I was 100 % confident to tan people on my own. I felt that in the class i did learn everything I could about airbrush tanning and more. All the questions i had were answered. After the class, I felt like I had everything I needed to get started right away, including the Tan-Talizing products I loved using on the models skin.

I felt very comfortable during the class. The Models are very understanding, calm, fun and relaxed. My favorite part of the class was Heather and the models making me feel comfortable. It was fun and their were a lot of laughs. That made it much easier for me to relax and take everything in. Looking back on the class their is nothing I would add/remove from the to make it a better learning experience. It was perfect. The most valuable part of this class was making a new friend!

I took my course in December, here in Canada we dress in winter coats and boots it took a few months. Now that it’s spring, I’m just spraying and spraying! I would absolutely recommend this training course to a friend, if I didn’t live in Canada I would love to be part of the Tan-talizing Company.

~JOAN HEHR, Certified Technician 2013


Tantalizing Lora Courtney“Getting my airbrush tanning license through Heather and Tan-talizing has been such an amazing experience. Heather was so helpful and really took the time to make sure I was comfortable through the whole class. She had time to answer all of my questions and concerns. She was so organized with options for marketing my own business in my location and really prepares you to succeed. She has amazing advice and really puts her all into her product. Whenever I need to restock my supplies she is always accessible. I couldn’t have asked fora Better instructor or mentor in this new business venture. I absolutely love being apart of the tantalizing tan team!”

~LORA COURTNEY, Certified Technician 2013


“Airbrush tanning salons are all over Orange County and i have been to over a dozen that i read good reviews on and I honestly wasn’t 100% satisfied with any of the places I tried. I am pretty fair and it seemed like every salon I went to left me looking a bit on the orange side or just too dark where my tan faded super streaky and uneven. I found out about Tan-talizing from a friend who used them for her wedding. She is fair like me and I couldn’t believe how natural she looked on her wedding day. She told me that Heather picked out one of their 8 shades for her and matched it to her skin so it looked natural and flawless for her big day. I was SOLD! I scheduled the following week and have been a regular the past two years. If you want a consistently natural, even and flawless tan every time then this is the place to go!”

~ASHLEY BAKER, Certified Technician 2013


Tantalizing Stephanie Greathouse“I got certified to do custom airbrush tanning with Heather. I was nervous going to the class because I knew nothing about it besides having it done to me. Within minutes Heather made me feel very very comfortable. I had such a great variety of models to practice on and Heather had me start by holding the spray gun with her and we just progressed from there. I felt like I was given information throughout the day and was able to freely talk and ask questions all day as well. By the end of the class I was tanning on my own with very little guidance. I felt like the day flowed very well. The solution is awesome!!!. It goes on beautiful and it smells good with very little stickiness. I purchased the complete package, so I went home that evening with everything I needed to get started on my own. I spent a few weeks practicing on my close friends and family and then jumped right into booking tanning parties and privates at my home. It has been great and I have had very positive feedback. I have been charging clients for 6-8 weeks and have almost made my initial investment back. I am doing this extremely part time so I am happy with how things are going. Heather has been great about answering my questions quickly as they come up and I would most definitely recommend her!!!”

~STEPHANIE GREATHOUSE, Certified Technician 2013


Tantalizing Irlanda Swarthout“I haven’t started my business yet. However, after the superior, friendly instruction, I felt extremely confident in my techniques and feel I have been trained to exude that confidence when I begin working with my own clientele. The course entailed more than I expected. There are so many facets to starting a new business and Heather covered all of the bases. The variety of models went beyond just size. The models had a variety of skin colors and types of skin.

Heather made the class fun and interesting. I was comfortable asking all types of questions and was encouraged to ask them. I was impressed by Heather’s products and the way they look on people’s skin. I look forward to proudly using her line in my business. The sprays are odorless and the barrier spray is a genius product, the best I’ve used to prevent absorption and staining of the heels.

During the training I felt all my questions were answered in detail. The real benefit of Heather’s training is that she’s available after the class ends. It’s a huge benefit to a new business owner. It’s a given that questions will arise after the class and Heather makes herself available long after the class is over to answer questions and offer her expert advice.

The hands on opportunity to spray live models with various skin and body types, all while being able to ask questions was by far the most beneficial part of the training. Running a close second was learning about the solutions. The hands on spraying, giving me the feeling I was already up and running was my favorite part of the class. Heather was very encouraging throughout the whole process.

I’m in the process of upgrading to a mobile unit. Her complete package will have me booking appointments and getting ready to work immediately. I definitely plan on promoting the training course with Heather as well as her products through my new business.”

~IRLANDA SWARTHOUT, Certified Technician 2013


“I decided to open a mobile airbrush tanning company after I moved back from California where I got tanned every few weeks. There just didn’t seem to be many places in South Florida that had caught on yet. So I did my research and found Tan-talizing. I did find a few places in Florida that would train you as well, but after speaking to different companies I decided to fly out to California and train under Tan-talizing. I’m glad I did. The class was casual yet professional and it was one on one, not a group of people all learning at once. First I learned about the solution and machine, instructions on how to do it. Then I watched Heather tan a few people. After that it was my turn and I had eight models of different ages, sizes and skin tones which really helped because each person is so different to tan. It is not a cookie cutter process that I could have just watched a few videos on! At the end of day we went over the business side of things, how to market, bookkeeping, marketing materials, etc. Then at the end of the day, I took the actual certification test. When I went home I was mailed within a week all of my equipment, products and was ready to get started! Along the way I had many questions all of which were answered with just a phone call or email away to Heather. She is truly a sweetheart and professional businesswoman. I would recommend doing the certification course with Tan-talizing 100%”

~JOANNA SHEEN, Fort Lauderdale, FL – 03/2012


“I was very happy with the Airbrush Technician Certification Course I took with Tan-talizing. They have a great staff, very friendly and helpful while the environment is professional and well organized. I felt that it gave me the necessary practice to feel comfortable tanning utilizing a great technique as well as the necessary information, knowledge and tools to get started on my own. I started my business abroad over 2 years ago and my business has been very successful and is continuously growing! The investment is minimal when you consider the profit margin and earning potential of the business. Also, an important factor for me personally is that I feel that I am not only offering a beauty service but promoting skin care and skin cancer awareness while using natural products, therefore incorporating a conscious green lifestyle!

~CELINA FOWLER, Argentina – 2012


“I completed my Tan-Talizing spray tan training about 5 months ago. I researched all of my training options before choosing them and after my research it was so clear they were the right choice. They had so many great reviews on their spray tan solution and seemed to be the most popular due to the fact they had been interviewed by the News, as well had been seen on a popular TV show.

“I can’t tell you enough how incredibly organized and structured their training is. The staff is so incredibly warm and welcoming. They are extremely knowledgeable about every aspect in the tanning industry. I couldn’t believe how patient they were, considering I am a slower learner and I ask so many questions.

“The models were so nice and patient and I didn’t feel rushed or uncomfortable at all. I really enjoyed the training and had fun while doing it. I left the training feeling very knowledgeable and confident and was so excited to go home and practice. My very first client absolutely loved the tan and the color and I started getting referrals right away! Tan-talizing has the most incredible solution by far, and there is no other product out there like it. I am now starting to build my company and with all of the tools, tricks and tips Tan-talizing has taught me I am very confident that it will be a success!”

~HALEY KATE YELLIN, Huntington Beach, CA – 2012