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Discover How to Become a Certified Technican

Certification is not a necessity when it comes to being an airbrush technician. However, taking this next step will provide you with confidence and show your clients that you care and by taking an extra step in providing them with an exceptional tan.

If you call around to other businesses and or companies, many people will tell you that they are certified to certify others. This is simply not true. Unfortunately others have discovered after paying money to the company to receive certification, they were lied to, and the company printed their own certification certificate.

That’s not the case with Tan-talizing. We provide the test from the National Tanning Training Institute. Once you take the test, we submit it to the Institution on your behalf. ¬†After your test has been submitted and passed, you will receive a copy the day of your class in a frame, as well as a hard copy in the mail. Furthermore, we’ll email you the document so you can keep it on file should something happen to your certificate.

Anyone can go on the NTTI website and take the written test themselves. With the business start up packages the certification is a small portion of the class. Tan-talizing is instructing a technique that has made our company and countless other companies successful. We have created a technique that allows a flawless application and people wanting to come back for more. We’re excited to help you on your journey.