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Preparing for your tan

Preparing for Your Tan

Your Appointment

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Care of Maintenance of Your Tan

Care and Maintenance

HOW TO EXTEND YOUR TAN WITH TAN-TALIZING! To achieve the best final result, wait at least 12 hours after application before showering or doing any strenuous activity (this excludes our ‘Rapid Tan’ formula, which requires only 6 hours on the skin). It is safe to apply makeup and deodorant while your tan is developing. Avoid …

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Preparing For Your Tan

Exercise, shower & shave at least 4-5 hours before your appointment. It is best to shower the night before or the morning of your appointment. Showering immediately before being tanned can interfere with ideal application! If you tend to get the tan solution in your pores, try shaving after your tan (after the solution’s recommended …

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Your Appointment

WHAT TO EXPECT Welcome to your appointment with Tan-talizing! A shower cap will be provided to protect your hair. Special lotion will be available should you have very dry skin. (Remember: do not wear lotion to your appointment.)   WOMEN: May choose to wear a bikini, bikini bottoms, or be nude. Whatever makes you comfortable! …

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