Becca Varner head shotBecca Varner is the proud owner of The Bronzing Boutique Custom Mobile Airbrush Tanning, LLC which services Holts Summit, Columbia, Jefferson City, Fulton, Linn, Westphalia, Eugene, Columbia and all surrounding areas.  Follow her on Facebook.

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Training Testimonial

In starting my Business in October of 2013 I made all my money back from advertising and my initial investment by May of 2014. I definitely felt more confident than before but my confidence grew the more and more I tanned my clients. I always refer back to my training manual for additional things I need. For being a web training with Heather in California and myself in Missouri we made it work. My models were close friends and family and that made it great. They were also able to give some feedback from my class after it was all said and done. My class was done online as I live several states away from Heather. I really didn’t know what to expect but what made it all worth it was Heathers expertise even through the video chat. I LOVE the product. What made my new business flourish was the fact that my product was so good. All of my clients say that it looks more natural and it even fads better than other tans they have gotten. I would recommend to a friend. I have already spread the word and converted a long time Norvell user to Tan-talizing. She loves it. My web class provided me with quite a bit of information. Heather’s years of experience and her fine technique helped me to be the best not only with my knowledge of application but verbiage as well. I felt that all the product that was provided to me helped me in making my business grow without me having to guess what I did and did not need. I felt the most valuable part of the class was Heather teaching me about what verbiage to use with the clients. Her verbiage teaches the clients which makes the overall experience better for the clients. It makes make clients come back to me because they trust me. My favorite part of the class was getting to learn from Heather. If I had the chance to change anything about my class I would have done it in person. Heather is experienced enough to train online but I feel like I would have gained more in a small amount of time by learning in person.

Product Testimonial

Since my training I have purchased all of Tan-talizing product. I tested Tan-talizing product before I invested so I knew I loved it but what confirmed it for me was that my clients loved it and compare it to the other competition around here. They love it. My clients love the attention to detail I give them. I make sure to educate them on the process start to finish and tips in making it last longer. They also love that the tan stays on longer and fades better than the surrounding competition. It has definitely given me an edge over the rest. Its organic, looks better and lasts longer. But just as equally important, Heather has taught me a fine technique that the clients really appreciate. I know that I would have not gotten that kind of training going with another company. My top 3 things that I wanted in a product was 1. It had to be bronzed, not orange. 2. I desired a more healthy choice of product-Organic 3. I wanted it to smell good. I feel that this product meets all 3 of my desired things I wanted my business to grow with. Another great thing was that Heather was available from the beginning. I contacted over 25 different companies to sample their product or inquire about their product and Heather was one of the few that was there the whole way through, I appreciated that.