Apr 08

Experience The Instant Beauty With a Custom Airbrush Tan

Tan-talizing Custom Airbrush Tanning on Splash News Featuring Gretchen Rossi

Airbrush tanning is not only designed to make you look good, but also to feel good about yourself. Our client’s who have never airbrush tanned before and who have come in for their first time always comment right after how the tan is making them feel. They all have the same reaction…that they look skinnier, more toned, their teeth are whiter, and eyes appear brighter!

Carrying a pale looking skin tone all around has a way of demoralizing one and making one look unfit for any special event or occasion. But when you obtain a tan, your muscles are more defined and prominent because of the skin’s bronze appearance.Airbrush tanning is also a great mood enhancer, similar to a fresh hair cut or color. You feel attractive and more glamorous instantly!

When your skin is looking radiant with a healthy glow, it looks that much more striking to those around you and most importantly to yourself. After having this beautiful look, of course you are going to want t keep it up. How long will it last? It can last anywhere between 5-7 days. However, with the help of a good moisturizer, preferably a tan extender with DHA such as our Beauty Extender, you can make the tan last up to 10 days. We also offer packages that will help you save money and allow you to tan on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Check out our pricing section to find the right package for you!